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Why You Should Have Regular Gas Furnace Maintenance

Gas FurnaceWe get a lot of very good questions from our customers about their heating units. The most frequent question is: “Do I really need to have my heating system maintained or tuned-up?” I know everyone thinks of their hearing system very little, especially when you’re not using it, however once it breaks down the problem has become drastic. Prescott Air Conditioning and Heating Repair would like to explain what we do when we tune-up your gas furnace during a routine maintenance call.

Here is a general list of things an HVAC professional is expected to do during a tune-up or maintenance call:

  • Check furnace or boiler for the presence of CO at the time the check is performed
  • Check combustion chamber/heat exchanger condition
  • Check burner flame for proper characteristics including gas and air adjustment; clean burner, as necessary
  • Check pilot/igniter operation; clean pilot as necessary
  • Check motors, oil as needed (oil pump if boiler); check belts
  • Check condition of vent pipe to chimney and draft intensity
  • Remove dust and scale from the burner compartment and other key parts as needed
  • Check flame sensor or pilot safety timing and replace thermocouple, as necessary
  • Check condition of blower wheel
  • Check furnace filters
  • Restart furnace or boiler
  • Check operational control sequence, including safety controls and thermostat

What are the benefits of preventative gas furnace maintenance?

  • Validates your current warranty and/or extended warranty. Some manufacturer and extended warranties can become voided or deny coverage if a licensed HVAC does not regularly maintain the equipment.
  • Cleaner air will increase the health and safety of those living in your home when the heating unit is working correctly.
  • Greatly decrease the chance of a break down. Systems tend to break when they are working the hardest.
  • Increases the longevity of your system. The longer you can keep your system running at optimum performance, the more money you keep in your pocket!
  • Keeps your energy cost down. Keeping your equipment maintained keeps your equipment running at its optimum capacity and therefore prevents a spike or increase to your utility bill that a poorly running HVAC system may cause.

We understand that maintaining your gas furnace is ranked very low on an “important things to do list”, but putting off maintenance is not a good idea! For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Prescott Air Conditioning and Heating Repair at 928-308-1254.