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Home Gas Furnace and Heater Repair Service in Prescott

Prescott Gas Furnace and Heating Repair Service

The most important part of a furnace service is to digitally tune the gas flow to the burners. To do this, we need to perform a “Combustion Safety Test”. See below for more information.

Furnace Electrical Issues

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Electrical Issues Are a Common Furnace Repair in Prescott

The majority of furnace repairs are electrical (like in this photo). Causes range from lightning strikes & power surges to age & shorted wires.

This circuit board (shown in pic) we believe was caused by a lightning strike which is common here in the Prescott area.

Repairing a system like this is generally a lot less expensive than buying a new unit, even when replacing the circuit board (due to taking a hit when the motor burned out). Often, this is a good time to weigh the options: How old is my equipment? Is it worth putting the money into? How much life is left? Am I happy with the way it has performed - IE: comfort & operational cost? We can always help you determine if it's time for new, more efficient, or up-to-date equipment.

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What Is a Combustion Safety Test? Is Your Home Safe?

The Purpose of the Combustion Safety Test & gas furnace repair service is to make sure that your gas combustion appliance (furnace) is operating safely and at rated efficiency. The equipment is tested for combustible gas leaks, and the level (ppm) of carbon monoxide in the home. We verify, under worst-case conditions, that flue gases are venting to the outdoors, and that excessive carbon monoxide is not being produced during combustion. A successful test will give the homeowner peace of mind that their family will be safe.

The Combustion Safety Test includes tests for worst-case depressurization, flue gas spillage, draft pressure, pre-dilution carbon monoxide, burner steady state efficiency, and combustible gas leaks.

This test is important for several reasons, including:

  1. 1. Carbon Monoxide safety. We can tell exactly if the furnace is operating in the safe zone or not.
  2. 2. We can adjust several different gas measurements out the flue stack for optimum efficiency.

Whether you're looking for gas furnace service maintenance, gas furnace repair service, or a new gas furnace, Prescott Air Conditioning and Heating can help. We're your best, most trusted option for fast and easy local repair, service, and maintenance of your gas furnace. Whether your furnace won't fire or light off, your furnace won't turn on, or your furnace won't stay on, Leo is one of the best local gas furnace service technicians in the business. He is a highly trained technician, licensed, insured, vetted, nearby with 100's of hours of continuing education and guaranteed to help fix all of your furnace or heater needs. Leo has thousands of repairs under his belt and is always nearby to help you no matter what your heating emergency is.