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Home Air Conditioner and Cooling Repair Service in Prescott

Prescott Air Conditioner and Cooling Repair Service

Don’t let the big-box stores talk you into buying a brand new air conditioning unit! In our experience, over 95% of HVAC equipment can be repaired.
and Cooling Repair Service

Old Fashioned, Polite, On-Time Service

We Repair Over 95% of Air Conditioners in Prescott

We will inspect your air conditioning system and explain as much detail as you like (it can get technical/busy) and advise you on what needs to be repaired. We love going into technical detail about our findings-this stuff is fun! Some air conditioner repair guys don’t like having YOU, the customer, watch their work. We invite YOU to join us-if you want. This way we’ll better explain the results and how much it will cost. We will not sell anything YOU don’t need and we don't believe in pushy sales-ever!

We'll discuss the results and the pricing of what your system needs. Then, you can decide if you'd like us to do the repair right then and there. Or, say to us, "I'll think it over". In which case simply pay for the service call. Whatever suits you is fine with us - We want you to be comfortable in our dealings!

We specialize as "AC Repair Technicians". Not just N.A.T.E. certified... Leo is a "Quality Circle Contractor, N.A.T.E. Certified Technician". Let Leo put his 41+ years of knowledge and experience to work for you. It's dependable service, guaranteed!

When you need air conditioning repair, diagnosis or service, call Prescott Air Conditioning & Heating. You always get fast, professional service. Leo will come to your door, bringing his 35+ years of experience to properly repair your system. He will do the air conditioner repairs and service (sometimes along with the help of his wife, Brenda). We will not send some rookie or inexperienced guy to repair your equipment!

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