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How To Increase The Lifespan Of Your A/C Unit

It can get hot in Prescott during the summer months. That’s why it is important to maintain your AC unit on a regular basis, not only to keep cool, but to avoid costs of repair and also to cut down on your monthly energy bill.  Prescott Air Conditioning & Heating explains that there are several easy things that can be done to reduce wear on outside AC units and potentially increase its lifespan.

  • Clean or Replace Air Filter: A dirty air filter can pose two problems in a household AC unit: Dust and particles trapped in the filter can clog it, blocking airflow through the unit, causing it to work harder to push air through.  The harder the system has to work to cool your home, the sooner certain parts will need replaced.  It is important for homeowners to clean or replace air filters on a monthly basis.
  • Wiring and Component Status-Check: Turn off power to the unit.  Remove the access panel on a unit and assess the electrical condition.  Look for signs of overheating.  This can show up as melted insulation or blackened wires.  Do not attempt to repair or replace anything.  Simply pick up the phone and call us!
  • Check Thermostat: Check the working status of the thermostat in your house. Houses with older, mechanical thermostats may want to consider upgrading to programmable thermostats.  Programmable thermostats are able to regulate the cooling cycles in a house without the need for turning the AC unit on and off.
  • Keep Outside Unit Clean: It is important for homeowners to keep the outside unit free from outside debris. Grass, leaves, and other outside elements build up on the outside unit, reducing airflow.

Homeowners should also trim back any hedges that might interfere with airflow to and from the unit.

A properly functioning A/C system is the key to keeping your home comfortable and cool during the hot summer months. Regular maintenance and service could extend the lifespan of an A/C unit while saving time and money on unnecessary repairs.Keep energy bills lower by scheduling an inspection and tune-up with Leo & Brenda, Air Conditioning specialists from Prescott Air Conditioning & Heating today. Call 928-308-1254 to schedule you’re A/C service appointment today!