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Air Conditioning Maintenance And Service

Air Conditioning Tune-ups and Service is a good idea! Like any mechanical system, having your system routinely serviced can save money. Did you know that a 10% loss of freon can cause up to a 30% reduction in cooling capacity? Wow! That equals 30% more electricity and who wants to pay for that!

Spring and fall are the best times to have your Air Conditioning equipment serviced. During the summer, we are sometimes so busy helping people get their cooling systems repaired and operational again. We are often unavailable to come out and perform routine maintenance. It’s just my wife and I, not a big company with a high turnover of inexperienced employees. You get all my 33 years of experience! We have been told over and over that we are worth the wait!



Clean and dirty filtersThe most important consideration for a homeowner of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is to maintain good air flow in your home with clean filters. Your attention to clean filters will result in better air quality for you and your family. This very important do-it-yourself job can increase the longevity and efficiency of the HVAC system.

You’ll want to replace or clean your filters at least four times a year and as often as every month during high usage times. There are a number of common filter options available. Please refer to air filter replacement article for more details!


A Maintenance Check Up

Your cooling and heating system is a major investment for your home and your comfort. Needless to say, it’s worth it to have your system inspected and have a maintenance performed each year to ensure continued comfort and efficiency.

AC CheckupA complete Prescott Air Conditioning AC maintenance check up includes all these services for one low price:

  • Check refrigerant levels and operating pressures – to ensure your system runs at peak efficiency.
  • Inspect and tighten wiring, contacts, capacitors and relays – to avoid expensive repairs – or worse, equipment failure.
  • Ensure the evaporator coil is clear & clean.
  • Ensure the condensate drain pan & drain line are clear.
  • Inspect and clean the condenser.
  • Inspect the outdoor disconnect; which, if worn can be a weak link for continued operation.
  • Check compressor amps at startup (looking for a hard starting condition).
  • And more safety and efficiency checks.

Upon completion, Leo will discuss with you any recommendations or potential concerns about your air conditioning system. You can schedule to have the work done or know what will need to be done in the near future. Often, Leo has the parts available for minor repair and services on the truck!

Protect your HVAC investment with a regular maintenance check up. Peace of mind with year round comfort.


Maintenance Part 2

RooftopRegular air conditioner maintenance can provide big savings in improved system performance and reduced energy costs. It can also help to extend the life of your A/C system parts and equipment, as well as help to prevent costly breakdowns.

The easiest way to make sure that your home AC maintenance is done correctly is to have it performed regularly by Leo with Prescott Air Conditioning.  He has over 33 years experience as well as many additional certificates. In fact, he to attends continued education every year to maintain his certificates!

In between professional maintenance tune-ups, there are some things that you can do.

  • Always be sure to disconnect electricity to the unit before starting any work.
  • Keep the outside condensing unit clear of dirt, leaves and debris and ensure there are no obstructions over the top of your outdoor unit-ever! Don’t cover your outdoor unit-it may get accidentally turned on & burn up. Not happy.
  • With electricity turned off, rinse the outdoor coil using a garden hose.
  • Change or clean the AC filters on a regular basis. There is no set time to do this. Some need cleaning once a year. Some need cleaning every few weeks. Remember, a “more dense” filter will reduce system performance-A LOT!
  • Be alert for “new noises” and changes in performance. Having these checked right away can often be the difference between a costly repair and an inexpensive one.

Leo , your air conditioning technical specialist will be happy to share more tips for maintenance and answer any questions you may have.


Cooling Tips

You don’t have to be uncomfortable in a hot home during the summer months. Taking simple steps can often help you reduce your energy consumption and achieve maximum comfort.

Cool off. The easiest way to cool your home is to keep it from heating up:

  • Landscape your yard with trees & plants to shade your house.
  • Use a light-colored type material to help reflect heat when you are getting a new roof.
  • Insulate your homes attic to at least the recommended levels to help keep out the heat, and consider using a radiant barrier.
  • Close all the windows and exterior doors on hot days.
  • Install shades or other window treatments and close the shades.
  • Shades will help block not only direct sunlight, but also radiated heat from the outdoors.
  • Don’t use the oven on hot days; prepare food on the stove top or on your BBQ.
  • Try to keep from drying laundry, running a dishwasher and using hot devices such as hair dryers.

Tune-up Your System. A tuned-up system will run more efficiently, last longer and will help lower your energy costs.


If your system is older, you will be able to reduce your energy use by *20%–50%* (not to mention the extreme improvement of your personal indoor comfort!) by switching to a “High-Efficiency Super Performing” system. Ask Leo what A Super Performing System is, how we build it and what it can do for you!


For more ways to lower your electric bills or how to improve your air conditioning system’s performance, contact Prescott Air Conditioning and Heating Repair today! Call Leo at 928-308-1254 or schedule an assessment/service call.