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Now Is The Time For An Air Conditioning Tune-Up At Your Prescott Home

Air Conditioner FilterThe biggest purchase a new homeowner will make after the home itself is the air conditioning unit. Many believe that once it is installed, there’s nothing to worry about until a problem manifests itself. But you would never treat a car that way! You give it regular maintenance in order to keep it working in top condition and prevent any serious issues from happening. Your AC unit needs the same kind of attention. Prescott Air Conditioning would like to explain why you will be glad you had your air conditioning unit tuned up this year.

Regular Maintenance
While most of the AC system is designed for the long-haul, there are parts that need to be serviced on a regular basis. The air filters need to be replaced regularly. Your air conditioning technician should examine the unit and provide maintenance such as cleaning condenser coils and flushing the drain. These may sound like minor items, but if left undone they can lead to serious issues with your system.

Catch Problems Before They Are Problems
You could wait until the system stops working before calling a repairman, but most problems are evident long before they bring the system down. A tune-up can identify leaks and electrical issues before they become showstoppers.

Save Money…and Grief
Unless you are getting regular tune-ups, you won’t know when you will need an expensive repair. Worse, you’ll be left without an AC unit until a repairman can be called. With tune-ups, you can plan for likely repairs and schedule them for convenient times.

Prescott Air Conditioning says that NOW is the time for an air conditioning tune-up at your Prescott home. Don’t wait until you have a climate control emergency. Schedule your air conditioning tune-up by calling us at 928-308-1254.