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How To Cut Your Heating Costs

The seasons are changing once again, the wind is bringing in the cooler weather, before you know it we will be lighting our furnaces. Prescott Air Conditioning and Heating Repair would like to give you a few helping tips to help the cold out this winter. The tips are not hard to follow, but can have a serious effect on you heating related costs.

Look for places where cold are enters or war air leaves:

Weatherstripping – Gaps around doors can be a big cause of cold drafts. Weatherstipping is not expensive and is easy to install. Check the door’s threshold as well. A gap under the door can let in a lot of cold air, some thresholds can be adjusted, or add an insulated door sweep to plug the hole.

Electrical boxes – On a windy day, hold your hand over the electrical plugs or light switches around your house. If you feel a breeze, you should go to the hardware store and get a foam gasket and some caulk. Remove the cover, add the gasket, and see if there is anything you might be able to solve with some caulk.

Pipes – Look under your sinks, do you see any gaps around the pipes? There might be a cover that adds a “finished look” to the pipe coming out of the wall, but pull that back, any gaps? Caulking or foam sealant will fix that up.

Windows – Some windows are drafty. You can try locking the window. Does that help? If not you can get a transparent film to put over the window. These kits are simple to add and are well worth the cost and time to add.

Chimney – If you have a fireplace, air can be escaping out the flue, even when it is closed. If you do not use it much, you can get a special balloon seal, this will plug the hole and reduce air escaping there.

Attic Access – Do you have access to your attic inside your home? Many times attic access hole covers do not have insulation on the back side. Check out the access hole cover, if there is no insulation glued to the backside, you have discovered another place your heat is escaping.

What can we do to help lower your heating costs?

Duct sealing – If you notice a draft coming from your vents, you may need to have your ductwork inspected and sealed. Have you noticed an unusual amount of dust inside your home? This could be your HVAC unit sucking dust in from your attic and blowing it around your house. If you notice dust and dirt hanging from your vents, this is another sign. Also, keeping the vents clean will help air flow and make your AC work less.

Furnace tune-up – Every year you should have a professional heating repair company insect your furnace. The check for leaks, look for any potential problems, and lean the unit to ensure it lasts. A furnace tune-up can help to increase the longevity and efficiency of your heater.

Upgrade your thermostat – Many advancements have been made in recent years in the way of controlling your HVAC unit. Programmable thermostats can help to decrease your heating bills immensely. These days you can also have a wifi connected one and control it when you are not going to even be home.

Still have a cold spot that will not go away? A portable heater can make the space more comfortable, however if you have these spots please let us know. We will see what we can do to help! Contact Prescott Air Conditioning and Heating Repair today at 928-308-1254