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Carbon Monoxide Hazards

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless gas which is very hazardous and can even cause death. Just recently, during a furnace heater repair service, Brenda and I were testing a 10-year-old furnace-heater when I noticed unusual water marks near the firebox (just below the secondary heat exchanger). So we performed a Combustion Analysis. The results surprised us! This furnace was producing over 500 ppm of Carbon Monoxide. We had CO dumping out of the firebox and blown into the home via the blower fan and duct system! This could have made the folks in the home very sick-or worse.

We disabled this furnace/heater and may have saved lives. No one would have known; before serious exposure, if we had not measured the exhaust (outlet of flue stack from the furnace) The Combustion Analysis Test Measures:

  1. Flue Draft Pressure up the stack to make sure proper venting of combustion by-products.
  2. Gas volume to burners (Too much?-not good)
  3. Differential temperature rise through (over) furnace firebox (Too hot?-Dangerous, compromised comfort,
    inefficient and real hard on equipment)
  4. Percent Concentrations of Gases leaving the firebox in the flue stack. (O2, CO, CO2, Excess Air, and CARBON MONOXIDE. These measurements allow adjustment of the combustion process for best efficiency).
  5. Temperature of gases in flue-vent stack (A direct indicator of combustion efficiency)
  6. Measure if the firebox has cracks by Percentages of Flue Gas exiting furnace (Most technicians do a “visual” on this. There have been plenty of times when the crack in the heat ex-changer was not visible. The only way to “see” the danger was to measure. What would happen if the crack went undetected and Carbon Monoxide entered the home? Comprised heat ex-changers are not that common. Is it worth the money to test and be sure? I think it is.

The test result above is typically unexpected with a furnace-heater repair service. Although it does happen. Most furnaces “tune-up” nicely with minor adjustments based on a Combustion Air Analysis. Resulting in efficient & safe operation.

The main thing I’m looking for is – CARBON MONOXIDE!

Furnace Heater Repair Service

Have you had yours serviced? Do you have a Carbon Monoxide issue? Has your furnace ever been checked? (I mean measured, not a quick visual)

We also test flue gas pressures so all by products of heater combustion are properly vented to the outside-even under worse case scenarios of home depressurization. (ie Exhaust fans etc)

It’s important to have your furnace tested & tuned for best reliability, efficiency, SAFETY (Carbon Monoxide) and most of all, peace of mind.

A typical furnace service including a Combustion Analysis costs $199+. We are offering this important service for $139. You save $60.

Get a furnace-heater repair service this winter for the cold season.