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Uneven Cooling In Your Home

You may have noticed that some rooms in your home do not hold their temperature very well. Specifically, in the summer they are way too hot. Why does this happen? Prescott Air Conditioning talks about the causes of uneven cooling in your Prescott home.Ceiling Fan and Contemporary Fireplace

Air Filter

When it comes to your home’s cooling system, the first line of defense is the air filter. When your air conditioner pulls in air from outside, it goes through the air filter before being distributed to the rest of the house. The filter catches dust, dirt, and allergens. When the filter gets too full, it restricts the airflow to the entire home, which means your home is not being cooled properly.


Occasionally, uneven cooling is caused by the simplest issue – closed vents. It is not common practice to go through your home and check if vents are closed/open, but if you are experiencing uneven cooling, this is the time to check.


Another culprit of uneven cooling is open windows. Take a few seconds to go through the room and ensure windows are sealed properly. Windows can become bigger issues. A window may not be open, but it could be leaking or single-pane that insulates poorly. If you notice the airflow next to the window when it is shut, you should have the window repaired or replaced.

Air Ducts

When an air duct gets kinked, it prevents proper airflow to areas of your home. Air ducts can also develop leaks that will negatively impact airflow. Diagnosing air duct issues can be difficult and should be done by a professional.

Uneven cooling in your home can become unbearable in the summer months. If you have “hot spots” in your Prescott home or if it is time to tune-up your air conditioner, contact Prescott Air Conditioning. For information call 928-308-1254.