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Tips Homeowners Should Understand About Heating And Cooling

Owners (Small)Prescott Air Conditioning & Heating wants you to be aware of your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system’s needs.  The entire system requires routine maintenance to run efficiently.  By having your system serviced before winter and summer, you will ensure that it will run efficiently year in and year out.  Here are tips from Leo , owner of Prescott Air Conditioning & Heating:

DO NOT WAIT until the HVAC system has a problem to call Leo . This could backfire on you because you can find yourself without heat during the coldest time of winter. Whether your home is brand new or has many years under it’s belt, Leo , an HVAC professional can inspect your HVAC system. He will alert you to small problems that could become very expensive repairs if they aren’t corrected. He can also explain more information about the system (ie, the type, condition and age), and give you maintenance tips you can do throughout the year to keep the unit running efficiently.

Know that all HVAC systems are not the same.

The system you had at a previous house, may not be set up the same as the system at your current residence.  There are different types of equipment that heat and cool residences. When you have Leo & Brenda out for HVAC system inspection, they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Replace the air Filters.

Once Leo shows you where the filters are located, he will show you how to change them and recommend how often.  Changing them is as simple as pulling out the old ones and sliding in the new ones. The key is sticking to the schedule.

Understand the Thermostat for Maximum Efficiency.

A programmable thermostat helps your system operate more efficiently. Learn the advantage of its settings to save energy.  Leo , an HVAC specialist, can show you how to operate your thermostat and make suggestions regarding the best temperature settings to use.

Keep energy bills lower by scheduling an inspection and tune-up with Leo & Brenda, HVAC specialists from Prescott Air Conditioning & Heating today. Call 928-308-1254 to schedule your HVAC service appointment today!