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Home Blog The Importance Of Changing Air Conditioning Filters In Your Home
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The Importance Of Changing Air Conditioning Filters In Your Home

Air filters are a vital, but often neglected, component of a central HVAC system. Prescott Air Conditioning discusses the importance of changing air conditioning filters in your Prescott home.Air Conditioner Filter

What they do

Air filters remove pollen and dust that would otherwise circulate through the house. Pollen and dust lower indoor air quality and often cause allergic reactions. Air filters also provide protection against larger objects such as bits of loose insulation. If you don’t change your air filter regularly, you can damage your air conditioning unit. Believe it or not, clogged air filters are the number one cause of the failure of HVAC systems.


All air taken into the HVAC system passes through the air filter. As time goes on, the filter catches more and more of the natural pollutants of your home. These pollutants include dust, fungal spores, mold, fabric fibers, pet dander, etc. When these particles build up over time, the fine mesh through which air passes becomes denser. Thus, if you don’t change your air filter often enough, air can’t pass through as easily as it should.

Energy Costs

A dirty air filter results in your living areas not getting all the air they need. This decrease in air flow and circulation affects the temperature sensors which regulate when the HVAC system turns on and off. Inadequate air flow means your system might not be receive the signal to power down. Your utility bill will be higher, and more strain is exerted on the fan motor, which will result in a shorter life of your HVAC system

Prescott Air Conditioning hopes you recognize the importance of regularly changing the air conditioning filters in your Prescott home. Routine scheduled maintenance of your HVAC system will not only increase the life of your system, but keep it running efficiently – which means lower energy costs while keeping your home cooler. Don’t wait any longer to schedule a maintenance appointment. Call Prescott Air Conditioning today at 928-308-1254.