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Noisy Home Air Conditioning Blower Fan

Most people “hear” their AC blower fan when it makes a different sound than normal. Typically it would start to sound like screeching, thumping or grinding. Or, maybe it just stopped all together. Also, if your Prescott, AZ blower motor looks this dirty, (below center) there are likely more problems down the duct line brought to you by Prescott Air Conditioning and Heating Repair.

Noisy AC Fan 01

When a blower gets this dirty (or just becomes loose on it’s hub) it becomes out of balance. This is very similar to a car wheel being out of balance and can damage the squirrel cage fan wheel and the blower motor bearings. When this happens, it’s time for a new motor & blower wheel. The cost of this runs around $400-$600 dollars and can go higher if the assembly flew apart and caused further damage.

Your blower is typically located in the lower part of your furnace. (Below Right)

Noisy AC Fan 02

Your furnace may be located on it’s side in the attic making access to the fan motor & wheel more difficult. Or, maybe you have a gas electric package air conditioner on the roof.

Wouldn’t it be great to open up your furnace or air conditioner and find the blower motor fan assembly to look like this? (below)

Noisy AC Fan 03

“A clean fan goes a long way for your systems longevity, efficiency and lower maintenance costs in Prescott, AZ” says Leo Prescott, Owner of Prescott Air Conditioning and Heating. Call him today at 928-308-1254.