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Home Blog Is Water Leaking From The Air Conditioning Unit At Your Home?
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Is Water Leaking From The Air Conditioning Unit At Your Home?

If you notice water pooling under your Prescott home’s outdoor air conditioning unit, you might want to call for service. Thankfully, water dripping from your AC unit can be perfectly normal. Prescott Air Conditioning discusses probable causes of water leakage from your air conditioner.AC Units Outside

A number of factors could play a role in the cause of your air conditioner leaking water either inside or outside your home, such as:

Dirty air filter
A blocked air filter can cause your unit’s evaporator coils to freeze causing extra water to overflow from the drainage pan.

Corroded condensate pan
If the pan that is designed to hold water breaks down due to either age or corrosion, your air conditioner will leak.

Blocked drain pipe
Normal air conditioning function involves water funneling out through a series of drain pipes. If any of the involved drain pipes are blocked, it could result in water leaking.

Poor installation
If your brand new air conditioner is experiencing a leaking problem, it may be improperly sized or installed incorrectly.

Low refrigerant
When the refrigerant for your AC unit is too low, it will cause the unit to lose pressure which can cause the coils to freeze and overflow the drainage pan when it melts.

If the air conditioning unit in your Prescott home is leaking water and it’s not from normal condensation, don’t wait to call the experts at Prescott Air Conditioning to solve the problem. Prescott Air Conditioning’s technicians are experts in the installation, replacement and repair of HVAC equipment. Give us a call at 928-308-1254 to schedule an appointment today