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Home Blog How Regular Maintenance On Your AC Unit Can Save You Money
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How Regular Maintenance On Your AC Unit Can Save You Money

It has been a particularly hot summer, and that is why ventilation and air conditioning maintenance is essential. Prescott Air Conditioning explains how regular maintenance on your Prescott AC unit can save you a lot of money.Blue Sky with Clouds

Performing routine maintenance increases the efficiency of your AC unit. That saves energy and reduces your monthly utility bills. If your AC is well maintained, you can save as much as 30%. Below are some of the ways having your AC unit regularly maintained can cut costs:

Increased lifespan of the air conditioner
In the long run, routine inspections and regular servicing have been proven to extend an air conditioner’s lifespan up to five years. A malfunctioning AC unit will lead to unplanned extra costs on replacements.

Reduced repairs
Save on future AC repairs by performing routine maintenance! By performing regular checkups on your AC system, you are more likely to detect small problems before they get worse and cause damage which will require more costly repairs.

Lowers the risk of a breakdown
An AC unit is one of the largest mechanical systems in a home. It is a big-ticket item, and it something you want to operate at peak efficiency for at least ten years or more. An air conditioner that is not well maintained may be running on worn out and dirty components which will eventually cause it to fail. Keep your system maintained and save money while keeping your home nice and cool.

Prescott Air Conditioning wants Prescott homeowners to know how regular maintenance on your AC unit can save you money. For inspection, regular maintenance, repair or replacement of your Prescott home’s HVAC system, call the heating and cooling experts at Prescott Air Conditioning today for a free quote. Call us at 928-308-1254.