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Home Blog Does Your Home Really Need A Furnace Inspection?
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Does Your Home Really Need A Furnace Inspection?

Are you thinking about the transition from summer to fall and wondering if you should have your heating system inspected? Prescott Air Conditioning shares why you need a furnace inspection for your Prescott home.Prescott Air Combustion - Analyzing for Carbon Monoxide

What does a heating system inspection involve? We hear the word “tune-up” but not everyone understands what that means in terms of a furnace or HVAC system. So what does a tune-up and inspection really mean?

Manufacturers generally require annual or semi-annual maintenance on air conditioning and heating units in order to meet warranty requirements. That should be enough reason to have an inspection, especially if you’ve just invested thousands of dollars in a new HVAC system.

Here are some of the inspection checkpoints:

Change your filter
This is one of the easiest and most often overlooked maintenance tasks. The filter performs a very valuable function by trapping dust, pollen, dirt, and debris so that they don’t get into the furnace and cause additional wear and tear. Filters are easy to change, so schedule a filter change monthly and keep your unit protected.

Clean your furnace
Cleaning your furnace every fall before the cold sets in will help your system run more smoothly. Cleaning your furnace includes removing any dirt from the outside of the furnace, in addition to cleaning the blower assembly, belts, and pulleys. This is a job best left to the professionals.

Get a gas furnace tuneup
Regular inspections and tuneups ensure that your system is clean and ready to run efficiently. The way to avoid emergency heating repairs starts with having a professional inspect your furnace once or twice a year. Detecting issues early on is the key. Common situations needing our attention include a clogged blower, dirty burner, loose or broken belts, or problems with the pilot light or control panel.

Trust your furnace and heating system to Prescott Air Conditioning and let the professionals keep your Prescott home warm and comfortable this winter. To schedule your fall heating inspection, contact Prescott Air Conditioning today at 928-308-1254.