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Home Blog Do You Need A Hard Start Kit For Your Air Conditioner?
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Do You Need A Hard Start Kit For Your Air Conditioner?

Checking Air ConditionerIs your air conditioner hard starting? If it is, then it needs some attention. Prescott Air Conditioning and Heating has a few simple steps for diagnosing a problem in your home’s air conditioning system before the problem can become too severe. These symptoms might only seem like they are part of an older system’s character, but there are reasons your system is hard starting.

A/C starts, and then quickly shuts off – This is short-cycling. There is something wrong with your compressor.

When the compressor starts you hear clicking – It’s a problem with your compressor.  It’s hard starting; using too much power to turn on.

The A/C compressor trips your circuit breaker – You’re A/C is using too much energy to start, causing circuit breaker to trip before worse electrical damage occurs (another symptom of hard starting).

The lights flicker when the A/C is turned on – This is basically normal. If it’s a dramatic flicker, the A/C is using too much power to start, or hard starting.

What should you do? Contact a professional to diagnose the problem. If your compressor motor is struggling to turn on, then a hard start kit might solve the issue. If you have an older system, a hard start kit might help prolong the life of your A/C unit for a few more years.

A hard start kit will also:

•    Make the A/C start smoothly and quickly reducing damage to parts.
•    With out it, starting the compressor takes 4 to eight times the electric current than actually running the A/C.
•    Avoid a jolt of power, which creates a surge potentially damaging the compressor and other components.
•    Shorten the startup period of the compressor, reducing the amount of electricity need to start you’re A/C.
•    Reduce heat and wear on the compressor and other important A/C components.

Prescott Heating and Air Conditioning would like to help you save on your electric bills. Did you know that with a hard start kit, the electrical efficiency of the startup process is as high as 98%, compared to an efficiency of only 50% without one? When the lights flicker, or you hear some clicking, don’t hesitate to call 928-308-1254.