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Combustion Analysis Measures 8 Different Gases In Your Furnace

A clean, efficiently running gas furnace provides safe, economical heat. A gas furnace that is not running at peak performance can be deadly. Prescott Air Conditioning’s combustion analysis measures 8 different gases in your Prescott furnace to give you peace of mind that your family Honeywell Thermostatwill be safe.

Hiring a trained and qualified professional furnace technician to perform regular maintenance can do much more than simply keep your furnace running. With the modern technique known as combustion analysis, a trained HVAC professional can also improve your energy efficiency and, most importantly, your family’s safety.

The ratio of air and fuel being mixed in the combustion chamber will influence how much heat your furnace is able to generate. Combustion analysis is a technique that helps to provide a better picture of how efficiently and safely your furnace is working by measuring the chemical substances present in your exhaust gases.

Prescott Air Conditioning’s Combustion Safety Test will:

  • Make sure that your gas combustion appliance (furnace) is operating safely
  • Confirm that your system is operating at the appropriately-rated efficiency
  • Verify, under worst-case conditions, that flue gases are venting to the outdoors
  • Verify that excessive carbon monoxide is not being produced during combustion
  • Include analysis for worst-case depressurization, draft pressure, flue gas spillage, pre-dilution carbon monoxide, burner steady state efficiency, and the presence of combustible gas leaks

When levels of unwanted substances such as carbon monoxide and sulfur monoxide are too high, this is generally a signal that the combustion taking place in your system is incomplete. We can adjust the amount and/or the pressure of the fuel entering the chamber. An expert furnace technician can help your furnace reach peak efficiency and reduce the levels of toxic substances, protecting both your family.

No matter what brand or model of furnace you have in your Prescott home, Prescott Air Conditioning has the expertise and knowledge to service your system. To ensure increased reliability and durability of your unit with regular maintenance, call Prescott Air Conditioning at 928-308-1254 to schedule an appointment.