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Avoid Scams!

To Avoid Scams, I believe many contractors operate with integrity. Several years ago, when I first saw this video, I was amazed! All of us need a good reputation to stay in business. Some (in my estimate-more than half!) are looking to make a lot of money in a short time. How can one sleep at night operating this way? One thing is for sure, They won’t be around for long.



I’ve always strived to take the best of care of my customers. There are several ways to do this each day:

  1. Be available- ie answer the phone. I can usually get to a customer the same day-or at least, by the next day.
  2. Check me out on Yelp! Click here for reviews.
  3. I give a 2 hour window and ALWAYS call when in route with an ETA. To keep the customer waiting is awful (I wouldn’t like it either!). It’s real important to be timely. Should a prior job create a delay, I always call the customer & let them know. Most people are ok with this-on the rare occasion I get delayed-AS LONG AS I LET THEM KNOW! Nothing worse than having a customer become irritated because they had to wait past the appointment time! Really, this is not a difficult concept.
  4. After a timely arrival, listen carefully to what the customers needs/concerns are. A good technician will hear what the customer says and be able to plan his repair approach accordingly.
  5. Invite the customer to tag along to see what the problem(s) are and what manner of repair/parts/price-cost is required.
  6. I don’t believe in up-selling. Personally, I would find this a bit of a “put off”.
  7. Give a fair estimate as well as how long it will take to get it done. After all, the customers comfort needs to be restored asap.
  8. Guarantee the work: I stand by my work. Labor and parts (I install) are guaranteed! Please understand, I guarantee labor for parts (the manufacturer guarantees the parts-usually for one year-which I can exchange for you at no cost). On rare occasions, I have had customers think that since I replaced a part, I now guarantee the entire Air Conditioning system. It is my experienced conclusion that this is simply not possible.
  9. This is the way I do it. Avoid scams. NEVER sell something the customer doesn’t need. NEVER make up stories-that’s a ROOKIE move! My diagnosis’ are sound. I’ll tell you exactly what is going on with your ac air conditioner and what it’s going to take to fix it right the first time.


Call the guy with over 3 decades of experience. AVOID SCAMS! If you are having issues with your current air conditioning or heating unit contact Leo of Prescott Air Conditioning and Heating Repair at 928-308-1254 or schedule a cooling and heating assessment/service call.